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How to hack facebook

By reading you will able to hack account. 
Writter- Hacker Bikesh shrestha 

You must have come across many fake login pages/scamming pages which are often used to hack IDs.Phishing is the most easiest and the most "unethical way of hacking",Yes that is right phishing is not something great which only a few can do,that is why it makes it unethical.But whatever it might be hacking is hacking and there is obviously a need to know more on this type of exploitation.Before we go into the details let us first see what phishing is all about.

How to Install & Setup a Fake Login Page/Phishing page

What is Phishing ?

Phishing is a way of deceiving your victim by making him login through one of your webpages which is a clone of the original one.By doing so the fake webpage will log his E-mail ID and password.After that he will automatically be redirected to the original webpage making him unsuspicious of what just happened.This is used for criminal activities for stealing Credits Cards and So.And that is the exact reason why i DO NOT want you to use this for fraud.Use this only for educational purposes and not to cause any damage to any person in any way.

First of all you have to get a phishing page.This is available in my blog itself.So download one in advance.

Phishing Pages/Fake login Script Downloads

Installation / Setting up your Fake login Script (Phishing page)

1.After downloading the page extract the files into a directory.

2.Before we get started you should first make a free web hosting account for you to upload your files.I would prefer any one of these,if you know a better one then please use what you wish.For this tutorial I'll be using as it is easier for me to explain but you can chose whatever hosting you like.

3.After registering login to your file manager of you respective hosting and upload all the files of the folder which contains the document.

4.Once you have uploaded the files you have to change the permission (CHMOD) of each file to "700".Select all the file and change the permissions as shown in the pictures below.


5.So by now you should have uploaded the file,CHMODed (Changed Permissions) the files.

6.Now is the time to test.Go the site for example.

.After you go there you will find that it is the exact clone of the original one.

7.Just enter some E-mail ID and password in order to check if it working,now it should redirect you to "",if this is happening it is a success !

8.Now go to your file manager again and refresh the page,you'll find that a new file will be created for ex. Facebook-Passwords.htm in your file manager to view the passwords,go to

There you will find the list of passwords which have been entered on yoursite.So now your ready to pull a prank on your friends !
Have fun.. But remember if any cause or some probliem may appear then you will pay yourself coz this illigal process to get id+password.. So me Bikesh Shrestha is not going to be responsible..

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