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Mig33 hacking tips

-Fastest Kicking-- This is called fastest kicking. This can only be used by using mobile phones that can use be used for multi-kicking. You cannot use this in PC. Most of thepowerful mobile kickers say this is a very efficient way of kicking. Enter in to the room with your multi-kicking nicks. Go to kick user and pick the one who you want to kick from all your nicks in the room. When you are done,just minimize all your migs and make a call to any where most probably you might make a free call ( bangladeshis can call 1515). So your GPRS connection will be onhold. Now press menu and take all your minimized migs and request the kick. All migs will be on kick REQUESTING...... finally end the call. So that all votes are now given at a time. Some times you might see the massage 1 or 0 more votes remaining as the vote has been started... and there is very less chance that any one can escape from this type of a kick. This trick can also be used for fast flooding.And it's the best.

-Two Votes From 0ne Id-- This is how you can give more votes from mobiles which cannot do multi kick. by doing this you can give atleast two votes .start a kick and dont leave the room .Go to mig33 main manu and take exit. Press back botton befor you get exit. tak quick action .Now u will be server lost and u will be directed to login menue. Just re enter in to mig with a new nick name. the room will be taken as u never left the room previously. so u will be in the back room. Now give your second vote. you need to be as fast as you can to follow these steps. i have seen people like MAD-BOY giving 3 voted from SonnyEricsson by using this trick enjoy.

-Hack Password In SjBOY--You can hack your friend password if he/she uses Sjboy emulator. To check password just go to c: Drive, open the Folder named "rms" then select Filename called "sjboy#sign#in and open it with Notepad or Wordpad. You will find Id and username which has been loggedin last time. So sjboy user beware and delet the file after finished chatting

-Mig33 balance via sms--To know your mig33 balance via sms to retrive your mig33 balance sms the word 'BALANCE' from your mig33 register number to mig33 call back number 447717989963.

-Safe from Migpro Kickers--This is a Trick that will help you from Migpro Kickers. Many days before we can make room with Special characters. You can search "kandangan" room and you will see one room with Special Character with box at the bottom. This kind of room is safe from Migpro kickers. So, just enter that room and migpro kicker can't touch you any more.

-Disappear Status Icon--Go to page login your mig33 id. Set your Presence setting as AWAY. Then see what happens, the other user of your contact list would see that your status icon has been disappeared. You can login with you mobile with another id to see with your own eyes.

-Use Backroom in Mig33--This Trick may be old but I think it is very useful for making your friends astonish and angry. Tell your friends to go to OPTION MENUE of mig33 and then tell him to Press "2" and then "5", and see what amazing thing happens.

-Enter more than 25ids.--If you are in a chat room which is full. Leave your Id and hold your Gprs connection. Then try to enter many Ids at the same time into the chat room. If you leave your 2,3 Ids from the chat room and try to enter with many Ids then the chance might increase to enter those Ids at the same time. So keep trying.


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