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How to hack facebook account with winspy keylogger

Facebook is the hot topic on my website and my inbox is full of requests to write about easy way to hack Facebook account. So i am writing now a easier way to hack facebook account. 
This is the kelogger which will send you password in your email.
Follow these steps:
1. First of all get your Winspy keylogger. Download it from the link given below
download ProHere or free download
2. After downloading, run the program and create the user id and pasword. Remember this password as it is required each time you start Winspy and even while uninstalling.
3. Then a new dialog box will open to show you the hotkey (Ctrl + Shift + F12 ) to start keylogger.
4. Now press the hot key written in last step to go to the login form and enter login details to login.
5. Now you are on main screen of the software. Click on remote at top and then remote install.
user – type in the victim’s name
file name – Name the file to be sent. Use the name such that victim will love to accept it.
file icon – keep it the same
picture – select the picture you want to apply to the keylogger.

In the textfield of “Email keylog to” , enter your email address. 
6. click on “Create Remote file”.
Now send this file to the person you want to hack. If victim runs this on his system, you will get all his keylogs in your email. Check keylogs for the password of the victim.


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