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How To View Facebook Private Profile Photo In Large Size ?

facebook private pic
Sometime you want to see clear image of someone on facebook who might not be your friend but his/her privacy setting stop you from doing this. In this tutorial i will teach you to view facebook private  or locked profile picture in large size with very simple trick.

How To View Facebook Locked Profile Picture ?

1. Open the facebook profile of person whose profile picture is locked or is set toprivate.
2. Right click on the profile picture and click on Copy Image Url as shown in image below.
 Facebook Private Profile Photo

3. Open that image in new tab by  right clicking and selecting Paste (CTRL + V)
4. Now change the value of image size highlighted below which might be s160x160 tos720x720 (If its not clear try (s320x320)

 Facebook Private Profile Photo

5. The image will enlarge in size. This trick does not always work.

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